the senior to follow up on orders such as getting lab work done, or filling a prescription. We help caregivers by keeping you informed about your senior’s progress after each visit. Our services free you to focus on your other responsibilities such as deadlines at work or duties at home. Senior Sidekicks offers this form of respite to help you so you can help others.


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We support the senior’s desire to remain as independent as possible while supporting family caregivers through providing them respite when their loved one requires a doctor’s visit.  Senior Sidekicks promotes this by getting to know the senior, gathering complete contact and medical information, escorting them throughout the medical visit, recording information, helping

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How Medical Visit Companion Services Work

All services begin with an assessment which includes a meeting with the senior, preferably in her own home. During this meeting our staff gathers medical background, a list of medications, a list of all doctors and family contact information. We discuss these items with the senior and family to assess the senior’s capacities. Some seniors may require a reminder call before appointments; we provide that. Senior Sidekicks provides door-to-door transportation, in our car, in a group wheel chair van, or in the senior’s own wheel chair van. During the exam, our staff will assist the senior with dressing as necessary. We take notes during visits and encourage the senior to ask their questions and share information with the doctor. We take note of all doctor’s instructions, orders and recommendations. Following the visit, Senior Sidekicks will assist the senior in carrying out the orders such as getting lab work and filling prescriptions. As the visit ends, we review the information with the senior to be sure they have heard and understood the doctor. Because we see the senior at home, we watch for use of unreported over-the-counter medications, spoiled food, or other conditions which might affect the senior’s health.


Senior Sidekicks believes the caregiver’s well-being is just as important as the senior. We contact you by email or phone, to report on each visit. We are happy to listen to any of your questions or concerns regarding your senior. We offer moral support and referrals when appropriate.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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